Melon Brains HD Footage (Courtesy of Eiki Nonaka!)

Eiki Nonaka, a composer known for his work with the Pioneer Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN), has graciously uploaded some of his footage from Melon Brains to Youtube – in glorious HD quality! Enjoy, and thank you, Mr. Nonaka!


LaserActive Buyer’s Tip: LaserActive 3D on the Cheap!

Greetings from a busy summer! Sorry that the site has been dead, but fear not! We’re still breathing.

To all LaserActive owners out there, I’m here to pass on a great solution for viewing LaserActive 3D without taking out a second mortgage on the official GOL-1 goggles and ADP-1 adapter.  As the site has mentioned before, any 3rd-party LCD shutter box and set of glasses will function with the LaserActive, since it uses a solution for 3D on NTSC signals and SDTVs that was pretty much universal (and quite simple). Many have asked me where one can obtain such a 3rd-party box and glasses.

Well, here you are! This all-in-one kit includes two pairs of glasses and the shutter controller box needed to pick up the 3D signal. Simply make it the middleman between your LaserActive and your SDTV set (RCA composite video goes in and out) and you’re set to view titles like 3D Museum, Melon Brains, Goku, and more in 3D.

And all for $50! Much cheaper than that $1000+ alternative…

Goku English Manual Scans

Another brief update to show that we’re still alive. After much research trying to figure out a gallery view for PDFs here on our free WordPress blog, we’ve come to no solution. So, without further delay, we at the LAP Project present to you the english manual for Goku, in PDF format. The manual contains an interview with Hiroshi Aramata, the voice and likeness of the in-game character Ala-Matter, as well as with other key staff of the Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN). Footnotes in the manual give a bit of insight into the development process, an interesting feature – it also tells us a bit about the companies involved in the MmCN as well.

Download or View the PDF Here

Space Berserker (1993) Now Online! Also, Pardon Our Dust

Thanks to Tom Porter, we have more goodies for you when the rest of the LAP Project staff has their hands tied. This time, enjoy Space Berserker, a Mega LD launch title released in 1993.

In other news, you may have noticed some changes to the site. The Inventory section has been cleared out, the Music Gallery links are dead, and a LaserActive Release Database has been added. This is part of an ongoing transition and gussying-up of the site. Eventually, we will be returning the Music Gallery section with a more reliable upload host, as well as posting a miscellanious Image Gallery of all of our LaserActive-related images. In addition, we’ll add a new something pertaining to our friend Tom Porter’s ambitious new channel, LaserActiveGuy! You can find the channel here:

Thanks for bearing with us in this time of transition! In the meantime, enjoy the video we’ve uploaded for you. We’re still here!

I Will: The Story of London (1993) Now Online!

Our deepest apologies for radio silence! The LAP Project is alive and kicking, and today we’re bringing you a…not-so-classic, I Will: The Story of London. Created by the developers of Hi-Roller Battle, this game is one of the few (other than the JB Harold series) to use real FMV footage for its LD video, rather than CGI or 2D animation. Needless to say, perhaps that was a good thing.