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3D Museum (Mega LD, 1994) Original Soundtrack

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A Brief Note about LaserActive OST/Soundtrack Rips

You may be wondering why many of the LaserActive titles we own are not featured in this section. The reason for this is essentially the way the LaserDisc format stores its audio. LaserDiscs (under Pioneer) store their audio in two ways, one being in PCM audio form (nearly identical to a CD), and the other being two FM analog audio channels. LD-ROM^2 and MegaLD data is stored on the LD’s PCM data sector. To save space in the data sector of the disc, many LaserActive games (such as Pyramid Patrol and Hyperion) have their audio mixed into the FM analog track – making it impossible to isolate their music from background noises and sound effects. This sadly means that few LaserActive games are viable candidates for a soundtrack mastering. Those that apply are ones which generate their music via the Genesis FM synth audio, or those who simply have a “sound test” mode. No LaserActive titles are known to store audio tracks in PCM form.


9 responses to “Music Gallery

  1. I do not know.
    For sure the MegaCD doesn’t have this option, unfortunately.

    And I can’t find the opening theme.

    • I doubt that it has a sound test, seeing as how all of the analog audio is mixed down (music and sfx).

      If you want the music from the Sega CD version (which is also probably different than the LA version, that’s pretty common), I’d suggest looking at an ISO of the Sega CD version. Audio tracks are often included with the ISO as MP3, or they can be found in the game files if you decompile the disc image properly.

  2. Its possible to get a sound rip of Road Prosecutor. I used to listen to it on my LD player back when I had a copy. Although video is in (what I call) multi-frame technology, the soundtracks are unique. I beleive i am getting another copy soon, and it will be uploaded to the site… unless of course someone beats me to it. I welcome the challenge..and race to do it! -Tom Porter

  3. > No LaserActive titles are known to store audio tracks in PCM form.

    It’s not music, but Blue Chicago Blues does store audio in the PCM tracks! It doubles its FMV storage by storing two streams simultaneously, in the even and odd scanlines; since the game is displayed in 240p, the other set of scanlines isn’t visible. To handle simultaneous streams of stereo audio, it uses the digital track for one set. It’s playable on a standard LD player, and while the video is obviously unwatchable, the digital audio track works like on any standard LD. The data track is only a very smal portion at the very start of either side.

    Speaking of soundtracks, I have a rip of Manhattan Requiem’s soundtrack I did many years ago – I’d be glad to provide it!

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