LaserActive Release Database

In order to provide visitors the most comprehensive LaserActive destination available on the internet (or elsewhere!), the LAP Project team undertook thorough research to help create the chart below. This is, to our knowledge, the most complete LaserActive release database available anywhere on the internet; it includes not only the titles of every game released for the platform, but also developer/publisher information, genre, LD format, catalog numbers for all versions, year of release, regions of release, and information on language settings for each title. In addtion, we have featured some cancelled LaserActive titles as well – you can find any information we have on them below the chart.

Documentation on LaserActive titles is sparse, and so a core documentation project was necessary. Feel free to refer to this documentation for any sort of personal project or citation, as long as you link back to the site.

Remember, this chart is created based on data currently available around the internet – some of which could not be personally verified by the editors. We cannot confirm that the chart is 100% flawless – it’s merely the most information available on LaserActive released. It may likely have minor omissions.

Please refer to the first row for the contents of each column.

Title Developer/Publisher (if available) Genre Disc Format(s) Catalog Number(s) Release Year Regions Released/Language Information
3D Museum Pioneer Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN) Educational? (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES) Mega-LD, LD-ROM²





1994 Japan (English), US (English)
3D Virtual Australia Pioneer LDC
Educational (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES) Mega-LD PEASJ5042 1996 Japan (Japanese)
Angel Mate Planet Eroge/Gambling LD-ROM² PEANJ5002 1993 Japan (Japanese)
Back to the Edo

Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)/

Pioneer LDC

Quiz Mega-LD PEASJ5021 1994 Japan (Japanese)
The Demon’s Judgement (JP: Akuma no Shinban) Planet Quiz LD-ROM² PEANJ5003 1993 Japan (Japanese)
Don Quixote: A Dream in Seven Crystals Premier International Corporation (PIC) RPG Mega-LD



1994 Japan (Japanese), US (English)
Dora Dora Paradise Planet Eroge/Mahjong LD-ROM² PEANJ5005 1994 Japan (Japanese)
Dr. Paolo no Totteoki Video


Entertainment Technologies/


Eroge (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES) Mega-LD PEASJ5030 1994 Japan (Japanese)
Ghost Rush Pioneer LDC Dungeon Crawler Mega-LD



1994 (Japan), 1995 (US) Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
Goku Pioneer Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN) Educational (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES) Mega-LD, LD-ROM²




1995 Japan (Japanese), US (English)
The Great Pyramid Pioneer LDC Educational Mega-LD



1993 Japan (Japanese), US (English)
Hi-Roller Battle CRC Research Institute/Pioneer LDC Rail Shooter Mega-LD



1993 Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
Hyperion Taito Rail Shooter Mega-LD



1994 Japan (English), US (English)
I Will: The Story of London CRC Research Institute/Pioneer LDC Mystery/Educational Mega-LD



1993 Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
J.B. Harold – Blue Chicago Blues Riverhill Soft Mystery/Interactive Movie Mega-LD, LD-ROM²




1994 (LD-ROM²), 1995 (Mega-LD) Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
J.B. Harold – Manhattan Requiem Riverhill Soft Mystery/Adventure LD-ROM²



1993 Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
Melon Brains Pioneer Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN) Educational (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES)
Mega-LD, LD-ROM²





Japan (Japanese), US (English)
Pretty Illusion – Minayo Watanabe (Bi Ryojon Collection) Planet Eroge Mega-LD, LD-ROM²



1994 (LD-ROM²), 1995 (Mega-LD) Japan (Japanese)
Pretty Illusion 2 – Yuko Sakaki (Bi Ryojon Collection) Planet Eroge (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES)
Mega-LD, LD-ROM²



1994 Japan (Japanese)
Pyramid Patrol Taito Rail Shooter Mega-LD



1993 Japan (English), US (English)
Quiz Econosaurus Hudson Soft Educational/Quiz LD-ROM²



1993 Japan (Japanese), US (English)
Road Prosecutor (JP: Road Blaster) Data East FMV/Arcade Mega-LD



1995 Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
Rocket Coaster Taito Racing Mega-LD



1993 (JP), 1994 (US) Japan (English), US (English)
Space Berserker Pioneer LDC Rail Shooter Mega-LD



1993 Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
Time Gal Taito FMV/Arcade Mega-LD PEASJ5039 1995 Japan (Japanese)
Triad Stone Sega FMV/Arcade Mega-LD



1994 Japan (Bilingual), US (Bilingual)
Vajra Datawest Rail Shooter LD-ROM²



1993 Japan (English), US (English)
Vajra 2 (JP: Vajra Ni) Datawest Rail Shooter (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES)
LD-ROM² PEANJ1016 1994 Japan (English)
Virtual Cameraman High-Tech Lab Japan/Transpegasus Eroge Mega-LD PEASJ5015 1993 Japan (Japanese)
Virtual Cameraman 2 High-Tech Lab Japan/Transpegasus Eroge (SUPPORTS 3D GOGGLES) Mega-LD PEASJ5020 1994 Japan (Japanese)
Zapping TV Satsui Beta Film/Pioneer LDC Interactive Movie Mega-LD, LD-ROM² PEANJ5023


1994 Japan (Bilingual)

Cancelled/Unreleased Titles

Below is a list of all known cancelled or unreleased titles for the LaserActive, including all known information about said title.

Legacy (PEASJ1035) – This cancelled title was produced by Robert Redford, and was to be an FMV adventure game with branching paths, where Native Americans would teach you different skills for surviving in the wild; these adventure segments would be broken up by action segments, such as white water kayaking and rock climbing, and puzzle segments involving spirit animals and geothermal geysers. Footage for the game, including real wolf footage, was shot in Yellowstone National Park.

Myst – This cancelled port of Myst was being developed by Sun Soft, the same team responsible for the cancelled Sega CD port of Myst. Several incomplete prototypes of the LD are floating around on the collector’s market. The game went unreleased due to a hardware bug on the LaserActive, which caused the disc to occasionally fail to stop after a certain amount of frames, playing the rest of the disc like a movie – animations and stills passed by in rapid succession. According to owners of the prototype, this bug makes the game incompletable.

NHK Conversational Chinese – Little is known about this title, but it can be assumed that it was an educational title focused on learning the Chinese language, to be released in Japan.

Ozone – Nothing is known about this title, other than the fact that it was (presumably) an LD-ROM² title. Some theorize that it could have been a planned LD-ROM² port of I Will: The Story of London, but this is pure speculation.

Pretty Illusion 3 – If it was anything like the previous two games in the series, it was to simply be a slideshow collection of pinups, this time with a different Japanese gravure model. Not terribly interesting.

Steel Driver – The only information available on Steel Driver reads as follows: “Golf title with superior graphics being developed by Canadian Developer Sphinx; 1994”.

UFO & ET – The fourth “lost” title by the Pioneer Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN), the creators of 3D Museum, Melon Brains, and Goku. This unreleased game was to be an edutainment title similar to Melon Brains and Goku, themed around the concept of UFOs and extraterrestrials. According to MmCN founder Jotaro “Eiki” Nonaka, UFO & ET was cancelled due to the three previous MmCN titles eating most of the budget.


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