LaserActive and Taito Super D3BOS – Unlikely Origins

It’s been a while, folks. Sorry that things have been rather quiet around the LAP Project for… a while now, but I figured this was a cool story to upload! I recently did a little research that led me to the origins of Pyramid Patrol and Rocker Coaster, two MegaLD titles from Taito. That origin is none other than the Taito Super D3BOS!

The Taito Super D3BOS (or DYNAMIC DIRECT DIMENSION BURST OUT SYSTEM – the three D’s more likely standing for the three axes of motion) was a 1993 upgrade to the original Taito D3BOS, both of which were 360-degree rotating seated motion simulators, similar to the more famous Sega R360. Unlike the R360, however, the Super D3BOS was merely a motion theater, rather than an arcade cabinet, making its content non-interactive. The Super D3BOS could seat two riders at a time (for a hefty 1,000 yen each), who could pick from up to four different rides loaded at a time.


One of those rides, visible on this flyer, went by the name of Pyramid Patrol. Sound familiar? It should! But it may look a little different than what you’re expecting. The gold shiny ships in that thumbnail are, of course, nowhere to be seen in what we know of as Pyramid Patrol on the LaserActive. But there is one place they CAN be seen…

…Zoom Volume 7! You can find some good snippets of what the D3BOS version of Pyramid Patrol looked like in the sizzle reel starting around the 6-minute mark.

I think it’s safe to say that the LaserActive version of Pyramid Patrol was made using some of the ASSETS from the D3BOS games, re-arranged and re-rendered alongside new assets. (Taito did this yet again for the 3DO “port” of Pyramid Patrol, Pyramid Intruder, which was more like a remake that added significant amounts of new, higher-fidelity CG).

As for Rocket Coaster? Here, the history gets a little more obfuscated. Internet discussion says that Rocket Coaster was actually made using assets scrounged from various other D3BOS games – I think that Bayside Cruise on the above flyer may be a candidate, since the pictured car looks awfully similar to the ones in Rocket Coaster. This theory makes sense, since the visuals of Rocket Coaster are all over the place.

Well, there you have it! A little bit of LaserActive trivia to brighten your day.



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