The End of an Era (LaserActive Preservation Project has lost its LaserActive unit)

We at the LaserActive Preservation Project come to you today with sad, but not wholly unexpected, news. As of February 13th, 2016, our LaserActive unit is no longer functioning. This can be traced back to the failure of the Sega PAC. The status of the failure is currently unknown but under investigation. In the likely event that the failure is too catastrophic or expensive to repair, we will begin the process of selling off the rest of our LaserActive components – the CLD-A100 player, Pyramid Patrol, Rocket Coaster, 3D Museum, Hyperion, and Triad Stone (along with some miscellaneous Laserdisc movies) – individually to interested buyers and/or eBay.

This has been an incredible journey – this blog was run by two people, one of which (me) had little to no knowledge of the LaserActive when I first got started around 4 years ago this time. Over the past 4 years, I’ve learned so much about a platform which was essentially lost to time, and we’ve been able to archive so much footage to ensure this platform will not be forgotten. I’d like to thank everybody who helped make that possible, especially Tom Porter of Maine for his countless Laserdisc and footage donations.

There are still many games left to be cataloged on the Youtube channel – 3D Virtual Australia, both JB Harold games, Hi-Roller Battle, Quiz Econosaurus, and some of the Japan-only titles stand out as examples – so our preservation work is far from over. However, from here on out, it will depend exclusively on the help of other interest footage donors.

Thank you all again for making this experience possible. I hope the world of gaming history is a little bit richer thanks to this blog!


7 responses to “The End of an Era (LaserActive Preservation Project has lost its LaserActive unit)

  1. Hey Max, if you want to hand over the keys I’ll combine the two resources together into one place… and continue to provide some content I’ve been keeping in the backroom. I’ve been quite slack lately and more focused towards the Apple II (perhaps too much so…) but I’ve always been envious of the ‘format’ here. It may go in a slightly different/new direction but I’ve always thought it best to display everything about the console, especially seeing how obscure any information is…. you know how to contact me…. Tom aka LaserActiveGuy. – Hope all is well!

  2. Max.

    Terry here from VGCL. If you need to migrate content, I can provide a home for LPP as well as allow you the opportunity to continue to contribute when the time is right for you (Tom – the same invitation is extended to you as well). I know this message is extremely late, but let me know how I can help.

    Best regards,

    Terry | Marriott_Guy

    Video Game Console Library

    • Hi there, Terry. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I am 100% on-board with migrating content over to the Video Game Console Library! This site is free and will likely stay hosted into the indefinite future, but my involvement is minimal now, so it makes sense for the information to be migrated to a site where other people can more readily contribute. You can reach me at to discuss at length. Thanks! -Max

  3. Just wanted to say that I had this blog on my bookmarks, just revisited it and was sad to see this post. I was bought a Laseractive when I was young and wish I knew the value of it then. If I still had mine I’d throw it to you in a heartbeat. Hope things are well.

    • The thought is much appreciated! While repairs on the Sega module are actually nearing completion, it’s still more or less true that the era of the LaserActive Preservation Project staff doing recordings is over. Time and money are too much of factors now that we’ve covered most of the more readily available games and are now just missing rarer discs. If you are really interested in more continuing work on the LaserActive, I recommend keeping up with the ongoing MegaLD/LD-ROM^2 dumping project going on over at SegaRetro. I’ll be making a full post about it soon.

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