Melon Brains HD Footage (Courtesy of Eiki Nonaka!)

Eiki Nonaka, a composer known for his work with the Pioneer Multimedia Creators Network (MmCN), has graciously uploaded some of his footage from Melon Brains to Youtube – in glorious HD quality! Enjoy, and thank you, Mr. Nonaka!


4 responses to “Melon Brains HD Footage (Courtesy of Eiki Nonaka!)

  1. Awesome site, keep up the great work. I had a quick question. I grew up a huge fan of the FMV style games like Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, etc. I was wondering I see the system had 3 games like this, Time Gal, Stone Triad and Road Blaster but if some one owned a laser disc that went in the original arcade machines for some of the other games like Dragon’s Lair would it play on this system with the controls and stuff since it plays laser discs or will it only play the games that were officially released for it.

    • Good question, Darren! The game programs for arcade LaserDisc games were stored on the arcade PCB that came with the disk – that ROM was responsible for timecode, seeking through the disc, etc. Without the PCB, the disc is just a plain old video disc. With a LaserActive game, the game data is actually encoded on the disc itself – the LaserActive reads the data from the disc’s PCM audio track, and runs the game like a modified Sega CD or CD-ROM2 image. The home ports of Triad Stone, Time Gal, and Road Blaster all stored their data that way but they were specially ported to do so. So to be brief, the answer to your quesiton is no. Unless, of course, you want to watch an arcade LaserDisc like a movie!

      • Thanks for the answer. I am currently on a quest to play all the animation style FMV games and I also want to start collecting them for different systems. I have so far made a list of 14 games like Dragon’s Lair. Not sure if there are more out there. I am just getting into emulation games but Triad Stone I believe is only for this system so no luck with that one and some of the others that were ported to systems like Sega CD are terrible looking. Time Gal is a perfect example with the framing around the game play and the animation also falling short.

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