LaserActive Buyer’s Tip: LaserActive 3D on the Cheap!

Greetings from a busy summer! Sorry that the site has been dead, but fear not! We’re still breathing.

To all LaserActive owners out there, I’m here to pass on a great solution for viewing LaserActive 3D without taking out a second mortgage on the official GOL-1 goggles and ADP-1 adapter.  As the site has mentioned before, any 3rd-party LCD shutter box and set of glasses will function with the LaserActive, since it uses a solution for 3D on NTSC signals and SDTVs that was pretty much universal (and quite simple). Many have asked me where one can obtain such a 3rd-party box and glasses.

Well, here you are! This all-in-one kit includes two pairs of glasses and the shutter controller box needed to pick up the 3D signal. Simply make it the middleman between your LaserActive and your SDTV set (RCA composite video goes in and out) and you’re set to view titles like 3D Museum, Melon Brains, Goku, and more in 3D.

And all for $50! Much cheaper than that $1000+ alternative…


6 responses to “LaserActive Buyer’s Tip: LaserActive 3D on the Cheap!

    • No problem! The best part is, once you have the box, you can use any wired pair of shutter glasses with a 3.5mm jack. Asus made some nice ones for certain models of graphics cards back in the early 2000’s, they look pretty comfy and they show up on eBay from time to time. The glasses that come with this set are a tad flimsy, so feel free to check the Asus ones out if you wanna move up in the world.

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