Space Berserker (1993) Now Online! Also, Pardon Our Dust

Thanks to Tom Porter, we have more goodies for you when the rest of the LAP Project staff has their hands tied. This time, enjoy Space Berserker, a Mega LD launch title released in 1993.

In other news, you may have noticed some changes to the site. The Inventory section has been cleared out, the Music Gallery links are dead, and a LaserActive Release Database has been added. This is part of an ongoing transition and gussying-up of the site. Eventually, we will be returning the Music Gallery section with a more reliable upload host, as well as posting a miscellanious Image Gallery of all of our LaserActive-related images. In addition, we’ll add a new something pertaining to our friend Tom Porter’s ambitious new channel, LaserActiveGuy! You can find the channel here:

Thanks for bearing with us in this time of transition! In the meantime, enjoy the video we’ve uploaded for you. We’re still here!


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