Vajra (1993) Now on Youtube!

It’s been too long since our last upload! The LAP Project is alive and well, here to bring you more LaserActive goodness with our playthrough of Vajra. This marks our first recording of  a game on the NEC PAC-N1 hardware.  Thanks yet again to Tom Porter for lending us the game and the NEC PAC.


NOTE: The ending in this video isn’t from our recording. Long story on that…essentially, we couldn’t beat it. This is the hardest LaserActive game, bar none. So, we borrowed an ending from a pre-existing playthrough. But the rest of the video is ours (we swear!).
Stay tuned for more miscellaneous information (including a translated Japanese promotional flyer that details the unreleased Myst port for the LaserActive), as well as new game recordings!


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