Cancelled LaserActive Game: Legacy

By guest writer Tom Porter; Editing and Additional Information from LAP Project editing team

Not much is currently known about Legacy, a project which was scheduled to be released for Pioneer’s LaserActive console in early 1995.  However, many hours of research scouring hundreds of sources through the internet and magazines have revealed the premise behind the almost unheard-of title.

Co-produced by actor/director Robert Redford (yes, the famous one), the 12 inch Laserdisc  was a nature and environment-themed live action game.  Players would adventure through rough and rugged terrain, similar in manner to Don Quixote and Ghost Rush.   There were encounters with Native Americans which teach you survival skills, which are esential to surviving in the wild.  In additon, there were sections where you ski down a steep mountain,  kayak the rapids of the Lochsa river, and rock climb, as well as puzzle sections involving spirit animals and geothermal geysers.

This rather ambitious outdoor adventure title was being developed for Pioneer by the software firms “New Learning Project” and “Illumina Productions”.   Robert Redford was directing at least part of the concept and was looking forward to it being an educational and emotional experience.  In a press conference concerning the title, he stated “I believe the enormous potential of new technologies can revolutionalize the way we and our kids learn, and enjoy learning.”

Although Legacy was a great concept, in 1995 the Pioneer LaserActive was suffering poor sales and several games in development were scrapped. While footage for the game was shot at Yellowstone (including live wolf footage), development of Legacy was not far along before it was officially cancelled.   It is unlikely any prototypes in Laserdisc format exist.


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