Pyramid Patrol (Part 1) Now on Youtube!

You waited, we delivered (well, partially)! The first half of our Pyramid Patrol playthrough is now on Youtube!

Due to the game’s difficulty, we’ve had a little trouble beating the game’s final boss. We’ll keep trying our hardest – in the meantime, we’ve uploaded footage from the first four stages of the game (eight stages in total) to keep you satisfied. And, as per our promise, expect a download link to an uncompressed AVI version of the video to appear on the site soon. You’ll find both the video and the download links in the Video Gallery section of the site.



4 responses to “Pyramid Patrol (Part 1) Now on Youtube!

  1. Just started playing this again. Finally conquered the Level 4 and just now starting to hold my own in Level 7. The limited continues is such a downer.

    Curious – in Level 6, did you guys go through the normal tunnel, or plow through the green walls? I went through all the green walls and never fought a boss. Was curious to know what happened if you went the normal route.

      • Heh, I just found out why there’s no boss in Level 6 – they pull a Sewer Shark. Basically if you take the path without shooting any green walls, you eventually just smash into a wall. Doh!

        I came within 1 health bar of beating the Level 7 boss twice before posting and then just Kirby flipped a table. I think if you can get to him with at least 75% health you can sponge up enough of the orange spike guys to focus squarely on him. The trick is learning how to crowd control those freaking brown “T” enemies and their bullet-hell syndrome.

        Back to mapping out Don Quixote…

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