Welcome Aboard

On the behalf of the entire LaserActive Preservation Project team, welcome to our newly-opened website.

With the opening of this website, we hope to provide a central location for all things LaserActive – and hopefully spark new interest in preserving this highly unique, scarce retro video game console.

Keep an eye on our post feed for updates, news, and videos. We will continually update this site as we record and post more material to our Youtube channel, LAPProject. In addition, we have several galleries and informational pages about the LaserActive itself, our mission, the LaserActive hardware and software we currently own, and how to donate to the LaserActive Preservation Project Fund.

It’s been a long road getting here – obtaining a working unit for a decent price was quite an ordeal, as was finding a place to perform maintenance on our Sega PAC S-10 (fortunately, user bcmcdanold at the GameTZ forums was more than up to the task – a shotout to you!). But here we are. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you stick with us as we set out to keep the LaserActive alive – however we can.

-LAP Project Team


4 responses to “Welcome Aboard

    • Thanks for the offer! Since we’re seeking to preserve these in as high-quality as possible, we’re probably going to end up recording the footage ourselves as opposed to ripping pre-existing longplays. Thanks for the tip, though! We may create a “related videos” section linking to pre-existing longplays in the future. Stay tuned!

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